Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More of our days...

 We made snow rabbits.
 Our smiley boy, before the accident.
 Green booth reservoir, near to where we live.

 Charlies 'friends' enjoy a walk too.
 Building and playing.

My two littlest ones :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

The accident :(

Oh my, what a time we have been having. Our beautiful boy had an accident at kindergarten that ended up with him having surgery the following day :(
I think I need to write all this down as right now I am so very mixed up, I'm so upset, angry, shocked and heartbroken, I need to clear my head so I'm hoping doing this will put things in perspective.
Around lunch time I received a call from the kindi teacher saying Charlie had 'cut' his lip playing in the garden and could I go and pick him up as he was very upset. Well the drive to kindi is around 17 miles and it certainly seemed twice that distance driving there, my heart and head full of worry. I had no idea just what had happened or how bad things were.
I arrived at kindergarten and the children were playing in the garden and as the teacher greeted me quite concerned but not overly worried I went in the classroom to pick charlie up feeling not to worried. My heart skipped a beat and total panic set in when I saw my boy....his mouth was covered in blood and there was an enormous gaping rip through his top lip and into his face!! I ran and picked him up manically asking him how this has happened, he managed to tell me through sobs that a boy had thrown a stick at him...'a stick' my god I thought how big was this stick??
No one seemed to think that his injury was that bad and suggested I popped to the local doctors surgery and ask if they might stitch it! I had other plans..I quickly strapped charlie in the car seat and drove back home to our nearest hospital where we were seen really quickly, to be told by the doctors that our boy need facial surgery to repair his injury and we were transferred to Manchester general. Charlie was wonderful throughout all this, so brave, letting doctors examine him and just every now and then his big blue eyes would fill up with tears and fear. Well to cut a very long wait and story short Charlie was admitted to hospital and operated on by a specialist facial team. They have done a wonderful job and we are hoping he wont be left with too much of a scar.
I have probably missed lots out of my thoughts and we are still dealing with the shock of it all, so I suppose things will get clearer.
We are back home and Charlie is recovering well and to be honest is more upset about taking essential medication and his very sore leg where he had an injection.
I'm really mixed up with regards kindergarten, oh the staff have been lovely and said they have spoken to the little boy who threw the stick and his parents are very upset about it all but this very protective mama is so uncertain of letting my boy go back where, no one noticed what had happened and yes I know little children do thing on impulse and throw but Charlie is such a very sensitive and gentle child (oh and wants to go back to play with his friends) and this isn't the first time he has had things thrown at him, but OK, I know I cant wrap him up in cotton wool and yes I want him to play freely in the garden with his friends..but..arghhh!!!
Anyway, I just needed to write/type something but I'm going to turn inward now and shut the world out for a while, whilst I snuggle and nurse my boy back to his usual smiley self.