Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My boy has started to change from the clumsy, baby/toddler stage where he seemed to be content to just explore as long as mummy was close by, now the world is one big adventure waiting to happen. I've noticed he seems to have this sudden urge to climb, throw, shout and just generally be as boisterous as he possibly can....well boys will be boys and adorable they are too. I think this calls for wellies and waterproofs and lots of very long walks.

I have to be honest and my thoughts are a little mixed about our kindergarten parent and toddler group that we go to on a Wednesday morning as charlie thoroughly enjoys the free play and activities, followed by a much enjoyed snack shared together at the table with everyone but when it comes to circle time and singing, story time etc he just wants to run around and continue to play. Everyone is so lovely and they smile and say ''oh he's just being charlie and individual'' but I do worry that the other children will want to join in and create bedlam! The other issue is, that since we have moved we have to travel 17 miles to get there, I think its worth the journey.....but I'm just not sure.

playing with trains.

baking buns and big smiles.

We've been busy......building towns.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Tuesday, 13 January 2009



settling in

Well our house or 'charlies howf' (charlies house, as he calls it!) is really starting to look and feel like home. We've put up lots of our gorgeous prints, pictures and photos and have filled shelves and tables with my beloved Buddhas etc. Charlies playroom has a little den in the corner (really its the station from a train set, grandma bought for christmas) and we've filled it with comfy cushions and a cute little ladybug nite lite, this is now where we snuggle up and read......oh and sometimes drift of to sleep.

I'm missing our long walks, as we just haven't had any time lately, theres always been something house wise to do, oh and the weather has turned wet and miserable instead of lovely n cold and crispy. Im determined that this weekend when warren isnt working, we're going to spend some quality time outdoors. Erm..we have had a little outing to a local park, but I think we picked the most cold and bitter day ever, oh dear it sounds like theres no pleasing me does it!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

charlies new playroom

Well christmas has come and gone and we've spent most of it just relaxing as a family, nothing over exciting but just right for us after our move. Charlie proved a point that goes to show why we believe in not buying lots of expensive plastic toys; grandma bought a great big plastic ride on train with track, it looks all bright and flashy but after a few hours charlie was quite bored with it, so we put it away and he hasnt even noticed!!

I'm not making tons of new years resolutions this year, I'm just determined to live an even greener, healthier and happy family life.

happy new year to you and hope its a peaceful and abundant one.

christmas pics