Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My boy has started to change from the clumsy, baby/toddler stage where he seemed to be content to just explore as long as mummy was close by, now the world is one big adventure waiting to happen. I've noticed he seems to have this sudden urge to climb, throw, shout and just generally be as boisterous as he possibly can....well boys will be boys and adorable they are too. I think this calls for wellies and waterproofs and lots of very long walks.

I have to be honest and my thoughts are a little mixed about our kindergarten parent and toddler group that we go to on a Wednesday morning as charlie thoroughly enjoys the free play and activities, followed by a much enjoyed snack shared together at the table with everyone but when it comes to circle time and singing, story time etc he just wants to run around and continue to play. Everyone is so lovely and they smile and say ''oh he's just being charlie and individual'' but I do worry that the other children will want to join in and create bedlam! The other issue is, that since we have moved we have to travel 17 miles to get there, I think its worth the journey.....but I'm just not sure.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Hullo!I found your link on Another Bend in the Road blog :o)
I also drive a long way to a playgroup,nearly 14 miles,the smalls enjoy but like Charlie they love the colouring & playdough,the puzzle table,the toys etc they like the sitting there & eating lol but when it comes to the circle of signing & shakers,they wander off lol,we normally leave before it starts as I go with a pal who lives near it so we go back to her house lol but she was away last week,so I thought right we shall stay for that bit,bt I ended up sining dratted Wheels on the Bus on my own as they went off in another direction lol!!!!!
GTM x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey it's so great to meet another Lancashire Lass!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll add you to my Google Reader :)


Shanilie said...

Hi I just came by your blog. I enjoy meeting other mommies and love your profile pic with the baby carrier. Feel free to pop by my blog some time.

We are moving in the summer. I can understand not liking the long drives. It takes us about an hr+ to get to any civilization. I will be glad to move in July to have less driving time and less gas costs.