Tuesday, 13 January 2009

settling in

Well our house or 'charlies howf' (charlies house, as he calls it!) is really starting to look and feel like home. We've put up lots of our gorgeous prints, pictures and photos and have filled shelves and tables with my beloved Buddhas etc. Charlies playroom has a little den in the corner (really its the station from a train set, grandma bought for christmas) and we've filled it with comfy cushions and a cute little ladybug nite lite, this is now where we snuggle up and read......oh and sometimes drift of to sleep.

I'm missing our long walks, as we just haven't had any time lately, theres always been something house wise to do, oh and the weather has turned wet and miserable instead of lovely n cold and crispy. Im determined that this weekend when warren isnt working, we're going to spend some quality time outdoors. Erm..we have had a little outing to a local park, but I think we picked the most cold and bitter day ever, oh dear it sounds like theres no pleasing me does it!

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