Monday, 26 March 2012

A catch up.

Bit of a catch up with Charlie and kindi....he is back at kindergarten for 3 sessions a week and LOVING not loving the journey and the fact I can't throw myself 100% into home edding, just a kind of mish mash really, but then I suppose we are learning at home all the time and as long as charlie gets to play with his friends he is a happy boy. He is going to go until the end of the summer term and then we will say goodbye to that part of our lives and move on to another exciting beginning..our journey of learning together.
I'm not going to deny that I am a little worried about HE, as I am a very unorganised person who sets of with lots of good intentions and loads of plans and most of the time not actually doing any of my wonderfully laid out plans. But hey, I've cooked, washed, made dens, read lots and lots of stories, maybe that's ok for now.

My children come of age...celebration time!

Well 'hello' ....yikes, I have been away a long time but to be honest it's been good to have a wee break from blogging/Internet as so much has been going on here in real life.
Jake turned 21, Lucy was 18, I had my birthday..ok I'll admit it was 44 times round the sun :)
So as you can probably imagine there has been lots of celebrating and many wonderful memories to look back on as my 4 older children are now all adults.
 Charlie looking a little overwhelmed by it all.
 Jake and his best friend John, who have been friends since they were very little
 The birthday boy :)
 A proud mama and her daughters x
 The very glamorous Lucy, just turned 18.
 Me and my littlest boy
 A mama and beautiful daughter (feeling slightly old!)
So here are a few photo's of our fun...