Monday, 26 March 2012

My children come of age...celebration time!

Well 'hello' ....yikes, I have been away a long time but to be honest it's been good to have a wee break from blogging/Internet as so much has been going on here in real life.
Jake turned 21, Lucy was 18, I had my birthday..ok I'll admit it was 44 times round the sun :)
So as you can probably imagine there has been lots of celebrating and many wonderful memories to look back on as my 4 older children are now all adults.
 Charlie looking a little overwhelmed by it all.
 Jake and his best friend John, who have been friends since they were very little
 The birthday boy :)
 A proud mama and her daughters x
 The very glamorous Lucy, just turned 18.
 Me and my littlest boy
 A mama and beautiful daughter (feeling slightly old!)
So here are a few photo's of our fun...


Becks said...

Wow you look so much like your girls! Birthday wishes to your grown ones. It's amazing how quicly it creeps up isn't it? We have four adult children now and another one who will be 17 late this year, yet still it feels like yesterday since we cuddled them through the night, pushed them on the swings in the park, so much fun. Great adults though, the journey is fantastic.


sue said...

Hi Becks, you are so right, the journey of being a mama and nurturing our family is fantastic, I need to remember this on the not so good days too :) xx

Laura said...

Such a beautiful family, and your girls look so like you! :) You really could be an older sister. x