Friday, 26 February 2010

Look what came today :)

No time for words, I'm going to find a comfy spot and read :)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A catch up.

Well I thought it was time to reconnect to my blog and write something down, just for the sake of trying to get back into doing just this....writing :)
I have been around, as in reading up on some of my favourite blogs who inspire me sooo much and keep me focused on being the mummy I still truly aspire to be. It's so hard here sometimes to remain calm and gentle when chaos reigns all around, physically and mentally (mostly lovely but tiring family chaos lol).
Anyway, Jake is home from hospital and seems so much better and certainly very much brighter, but I am a little worried as I know he may come tumbling back down anytime but I am enjoying having my happy son home. My eldest daughter Kirsty is in her final year at uni and she is stressed out trying to get those last essays written and the final push to the end is nigh so I'm here just to listen and support her in her ''god I hate uni'' moments. Lucy is in her last year of compulsory education and is too trying to finish of all those bits and bobs ready for the dreaded GCSE trauma. My eldest son Ben has gone of to London this morning for trails to represent the company he works for at football in a European competition, hope he does well as it would be a dream come true for him. Well that's my lot busy anyway and there's so much more going on behind the scenes too. Warren and I have decided to get married, yes after 11 years we thought, hey lets celebrate how much we're still in love by promising to love each other as husband and wife and involve all the kids too. Ben is going to 'give me away', Jake is being Warrens best man, my girls are my bridesmaids and charlie will be our little page boy. We are having a tiny wedding with only very close family but alas it doesn't matter how simple or small we try and make it, there's always issues (I'll go into those another time!).

I think that's as much of an update time and charlie will allow for now but I am going to keep more up to date as I can as I think just the process of typing things on here is good for me.

Friday, 12 February 2010

A sunny boy at a very cold but beautiful park.

Making music!

Sliding fun, whatever the weather.

Our beautiful park, where we escape to be with nature within minutes of our house.

This is Charlie asking me ''who is trip trapping across his bridge?''.

This is one of Charlies favourite things to play on, he spends ages on the wheel thingy making up his own little stories.

Our park has an outdoor gym area and Charlie loves having a go at keeping fit.

We did try and feed the very hungry geese and ducks but they were obviously ravenous and frightened Charlie to death as they literally helped themselves to the bread we brought them, I mean these beautiful creatures are twice the size of my little boy.....yikes!!

A really tasty homemade vegan lasagna to warm us up after our very cold adventures in the park. The recipe is from a fab book 'Cook Vegan' By Richard Youngs.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A little time...

Just to say I'm still here but taking a little time out to gather some rest and strength. Love and blessings to all mama's.
Back soon :) sue x

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Inspiring Books.

Inspired by a lovely mama's blog: htttp://
Sorry if this link doesn't work but I'm having trouble with blogger at the moment, it wont upload a few photo's and it also wont copy and paste links :(
The book ''for the sake of our children'' I spotted on Natural Life Magazine's website.