Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Autumn has come.

 This beautiful, majestic young stag stole my heart. Before I had my operation we spent a day at the gorgeous Lyme Park in Cheshire, I love to roam around the woodland here, this is where I feel at peace. So whilst I am recovering and resting I am looking at pictures that remind of the beautiful world out there.

 Resting, lost in our own little world, I gently rubbed his head, slowly running my fingers through his hair. I cherish these moments, they are things I will remember when I am older, greyer and a mama to all my children grown and fled the nest.
 Autumn has come, she adorns the leaves in dresses of red and gold.
Our boy, soon to be 7, such a leap in childhood, gone the baby years, the boy in Charlie is really showing now, exciting times together ahead.

Friday, 18 October 2013

A bit poorly.

I have'nt been around here much as I have been a bit poorly. I have had an operation and am recovering slowly and surely, I just was'nt prepared for how much pain I would be in. The doctors orders are for complete and utter rest and to be honest I am not going to argue with them so lots of sleeping and reading are in order I think. Any good book recommendations would be very welcome :)
I am hoping to do a little reading with Charlie too and am sure we can do some crafting in bed when I'm up to it. Well I'm making the most of Warren being at home until Monday as then he goes to work away for a few days in Scotland, after then I'm pretty much on my own until after 4'oclock each day when my eldest daughter Kirsty is going to come over after work and help out.

It's funny really as being told to stay in bed and rest seems like a dream when you are up and running around every day but in reality it's quite frustrating, as I can here normal life going on downstairs and...ok, breathe...the TV is on Again..grrr! I am really going to have to learn to switch off for the next couple of days.
Right enough for now, I'm shattered from just typing this. Rest, bed and books it is then.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More summer stuff.

 These two love a bit of rough and tumble but there are lots of hugs too.
 Charlie loves going to the gym club and has gained so much confidence.He has a go at anything and has a fabulous sense of balance.
 We have camped a few times this summer and this is the beautiful beach at Robin Hoods Bay.
 Oh how I love this boy.
Science in the kitchen. I think we were growing crystals here.

Snippets of our Summer

 One very happy little boy who has mastered the art of bike riding, he went from using stabilisers one day to zooming around like a whirlwind the next. It just goes to show that children will do things when they are ready and they certainly know when.
 We spent many a warm summer day here at Jerusalem Farm in Mytholmroyd, it really is the most beautiful place. There is a lovely woodland area with wonderful carvings and little fairy circles dotted around but this was Charlie's favourite place to be, in the river.
 A hug on the tops overlooking the stunning Lncashire countryside.
 There is always plenty of time for play, even for a mama.
 Charlie did really well feeding this lamb, as small and sweet as it looked, it had the most powerful sucking motion and nearly pulled Charlie over.
Meditating together in a hidden Tibetan garden at Harewood House.