Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Our lovely little pirate.

Charlie trying to tempt a woodlouse to enjoy a little grass feast :)

Eeeeek....our very scary cat, Eeyore!!!

I'm so happy with my gorgeous purple walls I just had to take a photo :)

I had to post this pic of my very yummy collection of delicious Pukka tea's.

Our 'green man' windchime, hopefully bringing happy growing vibes to our garden.

We've been busy planting purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and cucumber.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

quietly still here.....

Hi everyone, just a quickie to say we are still here and every now and then I try and catch up with my favourite blogs but like so many others we have been spending less and less time on the computer and more time playing, planting, and being a family. A while ago I spent a very long time writing out a post that went on about things that I was worried about or pondered on at the time but then just as I was about to post it something happened to our family that literally rocked our world and still now I am struggling to come to terms with how cruel and insensitive some people can be. I really can't go into all the pain and heartache right now but needless to say I haven't spoken to my mum or sister since and I have to say I do feel a sense of relief from them not being in my life. I think sometimes people/ family bring negativity and chaos into your life and its hard to keep being polite. Anyway, on a more positive and happy note, we've been busy enjoying the lovely spring sunshine and planting lots of veg and fruit bushes...mmm.