Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enjoying our HE life.

 We have found a lovely little pottery group in a nearby town. Charlie was so very shy at first but after gentle encouragement he was soon joining in, although he wasn't keen to touch the clay itself he enjoyed using the tools and became very engrossed in his art.

 Charlie taking a little time to contemplate on his plate designs :)

 Yaay, my left handed boy has mastered using scissors so well and now doesn't get frustrated with himself but enjoys cutting out and have we been doing 'lots' of cutting.

One of the reasons he enjoys baking is so that he can wash up afterwards, yes, he really does love washing up, even if he does mostly play in the water for an hour :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Light and love

A candle has been lit here for all who need a little light. My wonderful father in law who has been diagnosed with oesophagus cancer, my auntie Hilary who has found out that her cancer has returned, for my family, our friends, for my MS symptoms. Light and love sent out to you.....
We are also praying for the safe return to her family for little April who has gone missing.

Autumn living

 It has been a very windy and rainy few days here and so we have played indoors mostly, playing with toys that have been forgotten about for a while. These beautiful tree blocks had been put away in a box underneath a pile of other box's but when we discovered them again, there was much joy and imagination play. I was so sorry we hadn't used them for so long but then realised maybe that is what made them even more wonderful, like a new toy :)

 Such a marvelous tree house was created for all the animals, from owls to lions.

 Our Autumn nature 'shelf' is slowly coming into place.

 Charlie is so very proud of his latest project. His favourite animal is the wolf, he has always loved these wonderful, magical creatures and so it was a real adventure for him to discover all about their lives and habitat. As you can see from the photo Charlie drew a lovely picture of a wolf for the front cover.

Lots of pages containing gorgeous cut out pictures of wolves. It was quite interesting to see that Charlie liked the 'fantasy' type pictures best and wanted to print off many of these not just for the project but to stick on his bedroom wall!