Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enjoying our HE life.

 We have found a lovely little pottery group in a nearby town. Charlie was so very shy at first but after gentle encouragement he was soon joining in, although he wasn't keen to touch the clay itself he enjoyed using the tools and became very engrossed in his art.

 Charlie taking a little time to contemplate on his plate designs :)

 Yaay, my left handed boy has mastered using scissors so well and now doesn't get frustrated with himself but enjoys cutting out and have we been doing 'lots' of cutting.

One of the reasons he enjoys baking is so that he can wash up afterwards, yes, he really does love washing up, even if he does mostly play in the water for an hour :)


Woolly Wanderer said...

Lovely pictures of Charlie, especially the last one of him washing up!


gina sewell said...

Hi Sue, So lovely to catch up with your blog :) How big Charlie is getting! The beautiful print you sent after Jahara's birth is above the woodstove in our living room and it brightens our home - thank you again x
Happy new Year to you all
Love Gina xxx