Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Our lovely little pirate.

Charlie trying to tempt a woodlouse to enjoy a little grass feast :)

Eeeeek....our very scary cat, Eeyore!!!

I'm so happy with my gorgeous purple walls I just had to take a photo :)

I had to post this pic of my very yummy collection of delicious Pukka tea's.

Our 'green man' windchime, hopefully bringing happy growing vibes to our garden.

We've been busy planting purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and cucumber.


Jacqui said...

Hugs sue - I have been wondering how you were all doing. I had to laugh at your scary cat Eeyore! James renamed our ancient rough collie Eeyore about a year ago - he used to be called Robbie, but now everyone calls him his new name :) xx

sue said...

Oh no....dont know whats happened but I was just about to read a comment and now its vanished. I think it may have been from jaqui, sorry but I really dont know where its gone :(

arwen_tiw said...

Beautiful busy-ness, what a pleasure to see you back!

PS Blogger has been doing odd things with comments, sometimes I have them disappear or a post says it has five comments when it only has one, etc. It's also messing about with photo uploads sometimes too! Hope the glitch is fixed soon and that you haven't lost a comment. xx

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