Friday, 12 February 2010

A sunny boy at a very cold but beautiful park.

Making music!

Sliding fun, whatever the weather.

Our beautiful park, where we escape to be with nature within minutes of our house.

This is Charlie asking me ''who is trip trapping across his bridge?''.

This is one of Charlies favourite things to play on, he spends ages on the wheel thingy making up his own little stories.

Our park has an outdoor gym area and Charlie loves having a go at keeping fit.

We did try and feed the very hungry geese and ducks but they were obviously ravenous and frightened Charlie to death as they literally helped themselves to the bread we brought them, I mean these beautiful creatures are twice the size of my little boy.....yikes!!

A really tasty homemade vegan lasagna to warm us up after our very cold adventures in the park. The recipe is from a fab book 'Cook Vegan' By Richard Youngs.

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Jacqui said...

Great pictures - charlie really looks like he is having a great time. Love that hat - James has a very similar one. xx