Monday, 26 March 2012

A catch up.

Bit of a catch up with Charlie and kindi....he is back at kindergarten for 3 sessions a week and LOVING not loving the journey and the fact I can't throw myself 100% into home edding, just a kind of mish mash really, but then I suppose we are learning at home all the time and as long as charlie gets to play with his friends he is a happy boy. He is going to go until the end of the summer term and then we will say goodbye to that part of our lives and move on to another exciting beginning..our journey of learning together.
I'm not going to deny that I am a little worried about HE, as I am a very unorganised person who sets of with lots of good intentions and loads of plans and most of the time not actually doing any of my wonderfully laid out plans. But hey, I've cooked, washed, made dens, read lots and lots of stories, maybe that's ok for now.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Great to see you around - time fairly marches look wonderful xxx

Becks said...

Hey Sue, you've read enough of our blog to realise how random our HE journey is! Like you I am big on ideas but a bit lax on ptting them into action. There's a million HE activities across our region but we hardly join in any, we have books by the truckload but we go days without reading sometimes, we have craft stuff which stays on shelves seemingly forever, we seem to learn nothing at all for weeks on end. But then something must be happening, the boys are slwoly getting to grips with letters, learning to read, learning how to type what they're looking for on the laptop, most days they surprise me with their vocabulary, their knowledge of things I hadn't realised they had taken in. Learning isn' necessarily controllable, if the path is left open the children will learn.
Hey now the weather's warming up maybe we can catch up with you somewhere "educational" ;)

B xx

Cro Magnon said...

Hi Sue. Just popped over to see how you're getting on. Methinks you lie in your last posting; those young women can't possibly be your daughters!!!

sue said...

why, Thank you so much Jaqui and Cro for the lovely compliments :)
Becks, it would be wonderful to meet up, lets try and organise a get together really soon, Charlie would love to play with your boys xx

Motherfunker said...

I would love it if my little boy was happy to go to kindergarten! My three other boys all went for a little while, and got a lot out of it, but Alf really rejects the whole concept! It's a bit of a shame as he'd probably enjoy it - some days while the boys are bickering and fighting in the garden, the happy, rhythmic hum of the nursery next door sounds idyllic in comparison... home ed isn't peaches n cream all day every day!!! x