Saturday, 20 December 2008

home sweet home

we've moved house and survived the trauma of it all. Charlie seems to have taken it all in his stride, he loves the space he has to run round and ride his beloved 'tiger bike', in our old house there was so little room and I think we all felt quite claustrophobic at times. Well I will post some photo's as soon as I get chance as like every home everywhere its now the preperation for christmas, although Im quite calm and collected and really dont want to get involved in all that mad craziness that happens at this time. Yes, I'l admit to total unorganisation, I havent bought tons of 'stuff' but I'm to tired to care, I just want to focus on settling in our lovely new home and being together (teenage rows n all!!). I'm also going to try and celebrate the solstice tomorrow, I'd love to have a little fire in our garden to persuade warren.

Merry christmas to all.


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Daisie said...

Merry Christmas to you too, may it be a wonderful time in your new home!!