Thursday, 26 March 2009

little update

Its been ages since I last posted and so I wanted to just write down what we've been up to with our darling boy.

We've noticed that charlie has started to use different voices whilst playing, he really has found his imagination already, I love watching him chatting so happily, being different characters for trains, cars, dinasours etc.......oh and then of course everything has to crash and bash which I have to admit is one of his favorite pastimes at the moment, but I know thats just part of him 'being a boy'. He's also taken to counting and loves to count everything he can lay his hands on, this is something he did all on his own, we havent really tried to encourage or teach him to count he just discovered he could do all by himself! My boy can count to 10, unaided, unschooled, its just part of his discovery of life.

I've made a desicion to become vegan!!! I was vegetarian for most of my life and only started to eat meat fairly recently but for a few reasons I feel both physically and psychologically I'd feel healthier and better about myself for doing this. Mmm......delicious vegan recipes needed!!!

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