Monday, 18 May 2009

Book Sharing Monday.

Our book choice this week is a wonderful fairy tale.

Mother Earth And Her Children. A quilted fairy tale.

By Sibylle Von Olfers.

Mother earths children, who have been sleeping all winter awake and experience the new life, the colour, and the joys of spring.

The gorgeous illustrations in the book are actually photographs of the 'quilted fairy tale'.

''Deep in the woods

All cloaked in green

Flowers blossom.

What a wondrous scene!

A violet hides

Behind a tree,

Scared by a snail, So strange to see.

Beside the brook

Those earthly tots

Skip among


This is one of a few books by sibylle von olfers, they are just beautiful fairy stories that charlie asks me to read again and again :)


Michelle said...

This is a lovely book, I bought it for DD for christmas.

Gina said...

Beautiful, we were reading 'The story of the root children' just yesterday :)

Jacqui said...

Oh that is so gorgeous. A definite must have. We love The Root Children too. xx

nocton4 said...

we have this book, i bought it for Oscar's 1st christmas lol
it is adorable x

sunnymama said...

We have this on our wishlist. It does look a lovely book :)