Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bit of a waffle.

I supose I felt I should kind of explain a little of the reasons why this blog is called 'charlie and us' even though I have 5 wonderful children. It's because my older children are mostly adults and Lucy who is 16 going on 21 lol certainly would be mortified if I went rambling on about her life on here. Like any family (and step family) we go through our ups and downs but on the whole life is quite grand :)
I'm so very proud of all my babies, big and small and only wish I had a blog/keepsake for all of them but as our everyday life and routines seem to evolve round Charlie and every now and then I catch a quick glimpse, give a lift, hand out money, etc to my older offspring, then I'l continue to share our life as it is.
Oh and just wanted to say, thank you so very much for reading our humble blog enties, it's so nice to share with other like minded folk.


Daisie said...

I know what you mean, since Sebastian was born he seems to ahve taken over the photo spaces in the blog alot but that's just because he's changing so much so quickly and he takes up alot of my day, not because the others rae not as beautiful or funny. And I so wish I had been blogging when the others were small so they could have a living record of their lives too. Things change.

Thanks for your comment, I use the Folksy shop more these days but shut it over the weekend, email me direct and let me know which you'd like and I'll get it listed. I am at a BF conferenece tomorrow but aim to reopen the shop and list some stuff from the fair by wednesday or thursday.


arwen_tiw said...

Aw mama, your days with your little one are wonderful to share!

And I so hope that some day my love for my grown-up children shines out as yours does.

Cro Magnon said...

If perhaps you'd said he was your 'favourite', then that would have been different. But of course you didn't.

As with all of us, your blog is about life NOW, and I imagine that involves Charlie slightly more than the others. It doesn't mean you love them less!

Bisou, Cro.

nocton4 said...

Loving you and all of yours sweet Mama xx