Monday, 2 August 2010


Just a quick little post to show of our boy's new haircut. Charlie has been asking for it cut for a while and was asking to look like daddy so we went ahead and took him to the hairdressers! Although he does look cute and I think a bit older, I'm regretting it really and so is daddy, we miss the long haired charlie boo and charlie seems oblivious to the change anyway lol.
Anyawy, it's only hair and will grow backand he's still our cute boy whatever the trend.


Sue and Paul Akester said...

He looks absolutely gorgeous :) I love reading your blog. Always cheers me up x

Jacqui said...

I love his haircut and am so impressed that he was able to sit still long enough. It will grow back stronger and thicker than before :) Can't imagine James being so patient, but he could do with more than a quick trim from me!