Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Autumn has come.

 This beautiful, majestic young stag stole my heart. Before I had my operation we spent a day at the gorgeous Lyme Park in Cheshire, I love to roam around the woodland here, this is where I feel at peace. So whilst I am recovering and resting I am looking at pictures that remind of the beautiful world out there.

 Resting, lost in our own little world, I gently rubbed his head, slowly running my fingers through his hair. I cherish these moments, they are things I will remember when I am older, greyer and a mama to all my children grown and fled the nest.
 Autumn has come, she adorns the leaves in dresses of red and gold.
Our boy, soon to be 7, such a leap in childhood, gone the baby years, the boy in Charlie is really showing now, exciting times together ahead.


Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely and dear post
i wish you a swift and graceful recovery

happy birthday to your son
yes, tuck those dear memories inside your heart for later

Kelly said...

Wishing you a peaceful, speedy recovery. What beautiful pictures of the stag. Looks like such a peaceful place. Happy birthday to your precious boy. How we need to hold these precious times close to our hearts. Our babes grow so fast.
Thinking of you.

Georgina sewell said...

Sending you lots of love Sue, hoping you have a peaceful gentle recovery. Those are beautiful photos x x x

a soulful life said...

Wonderful pictures, especially the one of you both together. I often think of the memories that will mean the most in the years to come. Wishing the best to you both!

themagiconions said...