Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I've been neglecting this blog a little bit lately but with one thing or another I just dont get much chance to come on the pc. Charlie really doesnt like me to sit at the computer even whilst he is engrossed in play, he climbs on my knee and bashes the keyboard generally whining for 'bub'. I spend lots of time playing with him, taking out for walks and the toddler group but it just doesnt seem enough, like all mums at the moment a little 'me' time would really be a treat. We're also going to be moving house very soon, exciting but stressful springs to mind, I cant wait to have all the extra space but the thought of physically moving from our tiny cramped and very overcrowded house to our lovely new home all seems such hard work with charlie, animals and teenagers who want to stay living where we are!! I'm a bit run down right now as we've been ill and charlie insisted at getting up at 4am this morning, so Im of to have a drop of bachs olive remedy to perk me up a bit.

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Daisie said...

Sorry life is hard at the mo! Just imagine a snuggly christmas in your lovely new home and smile on the outside even if you're screaming within!
And I know just what you mean ablout little boys helping to type, haha!