Monday, 3 November 2008

Our week.

Well we've had a busy week. We went to a childrens science museum on Charlie's birthday, im sure he thoroughly enjoyed just running around and touching, pushing, driving and just generally having a great time discovering, but I have to say I was a little bit uncomfortable. It was half term and beyond busy, in fact it was bursting at the seams with mums, dads, kids, prams etc and it was so hard watching Charlie wait patiently to have a go at anything, when so many other children were snatching, grabbing and wanting to spend lots of time on things. Now I hope I don't sound like some over anxious mother or something but I did really notice that Charlie was calm and placid, he walked away from confrontation, he didn't get upset but looked bewildered. I certainly don't want to make judgements about children but it was so obvious how differently they behave. I also don't want to make out that my child is perfect, far from it, but I wonder if the other children were just mirroring their parents behaviour...wanting to be first in the queue, rushing and hurrying around etc.

Unfortunately it has confirmed my reasons, however valid for not going to loud, hectic toddler groups, instead we do lots of things together as a family and I don't mind how odd or against the norm that makes us.

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Jem said...

I hope the birthday boy enjoyed his day. We're all odd here too so you're not alone ;0)