Sunday, 19 July 2009

Book Share Monday.

This week Charlie and I have chosen a brilliant book about diggers. ''Dougal the Digger'' by Benedict Blathwayt who also writes the wondeful little red train series. As you have probably noticed there are a few digger books in the photo and that is because charlie insisted we couldnt leave the other very much loved digger books out! Charlie is a big digger fan as you can tell.

Dougal the digger is having a very busy day. There are buildings to be knocked down, piles of rubble to shift and then....disaster
The foremans dog, Patch, goes missing. Where is he hiding?

A fab book for all lovers of diggers everywhere!

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Jacqui said...

Charlie would love to be here right now. We are having a new railway station built just up the road, and there is a building site almost outside the window. The drivers are very friendly to little boys who love diggers - one gave James a ornamental clay pipe he had dug up this morning.
James would certainly love Dougal. xx