Monday, 26 October 2009

Book Sharing Monday.

This week Charlie and I have chosen ''The Trouble With Dragons'' by Debi Gliori. This is a fab book about dragons who dont have a care in the world and make a terrible mess of their environment (sound familiar lol).
The illustrations are just lovely and the story tells us an important message too.

The Trouble with Dragons, a funny story with lots of lovely illustrations and of course Dragons who learn a very important ''green'' message!

Eat food that is grown much closer to home.
And LEAVE the wild places and ice caps Alone.

Stop blowing all that hot air but instead choose to walk.
And put less of our world on the end of your fork.

So if you know a dragon (and most of us do) ask if it thinks this story is true.
For if we can't see that our stories are linked then sadly, like Dargons we'll soon be extinct.

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Amber Liddle said...

that looks like such a cute book!