Thursday, 7 January 2010

Days like this...

We've stayed in our pyjamas, played and kind of hibernated a little.
Making car ramps from tree blocks.

We have played....lots.

To remind me of where I want to be, calm, peaceful and respectful of my gift of being a parent when the hustle and bustle of our house gets to much.

Oh, think I mentioned before.....I love stripes!!

Charlie really loves his 'late' stocking filler of a little wooden boat from Myriad. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with myriad as I order from them lots and my Christmas order which I made at the beginning of December only arrived a couple of days ago. Oh well I suppose it was worth the wait, and charlie can decorate the wooden tree ornaments next Christmas lol.

After endless days of mainly being indoors ,only going out for brief walks or a little sledging, a wonderful parcel arrived today.....a lovely treat for a tired mama. A Nomads skirt (in the sale!), a fairtrade sandal + cedar candle and a wonderful book I cant wait to read, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.


Charlotte said...

I love your little area of calm, a lovely idea and one i shall be borrowing ;-)

Charlotte xxx

Daisie said...

Days in pyjamas are sooo good and you'll love the Prophet "Your children are not your children..." always strikes so many cords for me. My copy no longer has a cover it's been read so often!
Stay warm xxx

Jacqui said...

Your home looks so cosy and inviting Sue. I love your calm space.
Shame about myriad - my order came withing a couple of days, but a few of our amazon parcels were after Christmas.

Laura said...

I got the works of kahlil gibran for christmas! :) and nearly bought that skirt from nomads too but talked myself out of it. no idea why, it looks lovely. lol
happy new year!
Laura xx

Ash, Gina, Mia, Tarka and Willow. said...

Wonderful photos :)
Gina xx