Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This is the boy.....

This is the boy who taught me to love unconditionally.
This is the boy who taught me how strong I really am.
This is the boy who taught me to never give up trying.
This is the boy who taught me love is everything.

This boy is my son Jake who is 18 years old and has had the courage and strength to be admitted on a psychiatric unit to try and get better from the awful mental illness that has plagued him for so long. Please think of my boy if you possibly could and send healing vibes.

''Om Mani Padme Hum''


Becks said...

Sending healing vibes to your boy. Oh how hard it is to see them hurt, no matter how old our children are. With move love and strength to all your family.

Daisie said...

Thinking of you and Jake and the rest of your brood. There is always light at the end of that tunnel and it's love that helps you get there (I know) so Jake's journey will not be as hard as it is for some.
Love xxx

Jacqui said...

My heart goes out to you both. Many healing wishes to Jake and your love and support alongside him is the best medicine. xxx

San said...

All courage to him for acknowledging that help is needed and prayers for you all that his healing will be round the corner.

Hannah said...

Wishing your boy all the best in his treatment x

Ash, Gina, Mia, Tarka and Willow. said...

Sending you peace and strength Sue, and for Jake of course.

Brightest blessings
Gina x

nocton4 said...

oh Mama ... hearing your call for thoughts and sending them in waves of love and care for you and for your gorgeous son, Jake.

May he find his answers, may he find his strength, may he find all that he needs.

with love and deepest respect