Monday, 14 May 2012


My, I have been away for a while haven't I. Well I have had a little excuse really as I have been a bit poorly :(
A while back I was officially diagnosed with ME/CFS and I kind of got used to living with good ordinary days and days where I could hardly open my eyes and function at all. I really make the most of my good days and get out in the fresh air, walking, exploring and just living and breathing our wonderful world.
Well unfortunately my good days were getting fewer and far between so I have been back to see my GP and have also had an MRI scan. Thank goodness the scan showed no evidence of any tumour but it did show scar tissue that could be related to ME, MS, severe migraines. My symptoms are getting worse really and I get pins and needles in my right leg and sometimes my arm, blurred vision and horrible excruciating headaches and dizziness, to be honest whilst out walking the other day I found I had to hold on to Warren as I was very unsteady.
I am going to see a neurologist and may have a CT scan, although I am very reluctant as they use very strong radiation and a brain CT scan is not the best place for being zapped with!
Anyway, I need to chat with the specialist and see if it means a definite diagnosis or not.
Ok, enough of the not so nice stuff and I want to concentrate on my lovely family who not only keep me on my toes but remind me that I am indeed very loved.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I got my hair cut. It was very dry and unhealthy at the ends due to years of colouring it the ends came :)


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Sue - sending many healing vibes and wishes for your health. You look so beautiful xxx

Devon Mama said...

Lovely haircut Sue; it's quite a pick me up isn't it? Hope it's worked it's magic on you x

arwen_tiw said...

Beautiful mama. (hugs)

A Faryabi said...

i love your eyes .