Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Getting back to normal!

 Charlie has more or less got over the chicken pox now after a quite hard week of putting calamine on sore spots, itchy, crying bedtimes etc he is on the mend. So we have been playing games, Charlie isn't to happy about losing and games can sometimes end in a bit of a grump but he seems to have turned a corner and really enjoyed playing a new game we bought recently (making up the rules but having fun anyway).
 At the weekend we went to Speke Hall in Liverpool, wow, how can we not have discovered this gorgeous place before? Beautiful hall, brill playground, a maze (charlie loves mazes) and lovely walks. We will definitely go again :)
 A random photo of Charlies treasure box and how he loves to put his crystal collection in various order.
 Tree climbing at Speke Hall.
 My boys watching a mama duck and her babies on the pond.I did try to take a photo of the cute little ducklings but they were very well hidden amongst the lilly pads.
Charlie took this photo. We were walking in the grounds and came across this couple in period costume so Charlie very politely and confidently asked them if he could take their picture.

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