Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bonjour.....we're back from our holiday.

 We sat outside gorgeous little cafes, watching the world go by. We ate beautiful food and drank delicious wine, while Charlie tucked into his new favourite food of crusty french bread and butter..mmm.
 I loved just wandering around the towns and Morlaix was very typically beautifully French :)
 Me and our little traveller, who didn't really want to go to France but once he settled in he loved every minute.
We visited lots of gorgeous churches and lit candles for all our family and friends.Oh and I had to have a photo of me on my new bike after riding to the shop for our daily baguette lol.

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Becks said...

Oh wow, Charlie looks so big in that picture wih you! Lovely to hear you have had such a fab tim.