Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our Holiday in France

 We had a wonderful holiday in Brittany, France. We stayed on a fab campsite in a Eurocamp caravan, in a beautiful area near Carantec. The weather wasn't wonderful but hey, we really didn't care, we enjoyed every minute of our adventure anyway.
 This amazing statue of the Buddha was in a Madagascan zoo, the animals had really wonderful natural enclosures and it was so lovely to wander around the stunning grounds and watch the animals who were so obviously cared for.
 Charlie made friends with a sweet little boy, they played together every evening and on Leons last night of his hols, Charlie was invited to his caravan for tea. That's one thing about Charlie, he does make friends so easily wherever we go.
We spent lots of the holiday on various beaches searching for stones and shells for Charlies collection.


Cro Magnon said...

Did I hear correctly that you had nasty flooding in Hebden? I do hope you were all OK; being flooded-out is so soul destroying.

Best wishes, Cro x

Motherfunker said...

Wow - looks like you had fun! We are researching France at the mo, and thinking of doing a trip there in the autumn. Would love to hear more about your experience! If you fancy a little convo off the blog I'd so love to pick your brains about it - I know you must be busy though! My email address is

sue said...

Hi Cro, so sorry it has taken ages for me to reply but blogger does confuse me somewhat when it decidesvto change everything:(
Anyway, we actually live up on the hills outside Hebden so we were perfectly fine but many of my friends who live or own buissneses in Hebden are totally ruined. It is so sad :(
Hey Motherfunker, gosh I must e mail you very soon!!!!