Sunday, 9 August 2009

On our travels again.

Warren had to work away for a couple of days last week in Edinburgh and he always tries to persuade me to go with him but to be honest the very long 4 hour journey always puts me of, but this time i suddenly, I'm going!

Oh my, I'm so glad we did, Scotland is just so beautiful. Charlie slept half of the journey and the the remaining half he was wonderful, he looked out of the window and chatted away about everything he could see, I was so proud of him as he can be a little car sick.

It was great to be together instead of us missing warren so much and we ended up staying an extra night and spent the day in a gorgeous park overlooked by the castle....perfect:)

Yes I was a bit concerned about the mischief the older ones might be getting up to but they seemed to manage quite fine when we'd been camping so I thought, well life's to short to worry and as long as they were OK and we still had a house standing when we got back, I made the most of a lovely break.

Whilst Warren was working on the first day Charlie and I went to the zoo, it was a very hot day and unfortunately I didn't realise that the zoo was on an enormous hill, anyway we had a lovely time, mainly with charlie making friends with a baboon whom seemed to also really like charlie! He also made friends with a beautiful king penguin who showed of his fabulous swimming skills much to charlies delight. To be honest I'm not a fan of watching wild animals being couped up in cages just to be stared at by another bunch of animals (humans lol) but conservation is very much at the forefront so hopefully this makes it all worthwhile.

We then spent the second day wondering round the beautiful city centre and walked up through the old town to the castle (we didn't actually go inside as the entrance fee was very expensive and the queue gigantic) alas we also didn't realise it was the same weekend as the Edinburgh tattoo and fringe festival!!

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