Thursday, 18 March 2010


Can anyone help...I dont know if I've done something I shouldnt have to the settings on my blog but basically when I try to put a photo on, it will upload the pic but displays a great long code instead of the photo??? Oh dear :(


Joxy said...

You've clicked on the "Edit HTML" tab at some point; click on the "Compose" tab at the righthand side of the post window and you should be able to see your photo instead of the html code.

San said...

That's happened to me before and by trial and error I've sorted it... Joxy has a great way of explaining the problem, thanks J I'll remember that for next time!!!
San xx

sue said...

Thank you Joxy, you very lovely and clever lady, it worked :)

Joxy said...

And if you ever have the problem where you can't seem to click under a photo after inserting it, clicking on "Edit HTML" will allow you to put the cursor at the end of the all the code and then just hit return a few times, click on compose again and you'll be able to insert your cursor at the end of the photo.