Saturday, 20 March 2010

This boy loves cars.

We went to the Eureka Museum in Halifax and spent most of our visit in the garage/car repair section as Charlie's love of the moment is cars! We have been to the museum before and seemed to spend much of the visit doing the same things and after maybe an hour Charlie gets all upset and bewildered as there are always loads of school children running around like crazy and making lots of noise (I suppose the children act like this as there not used to being out and about in such large groups and its that theory of being let loose instead of being sat behind a desk!). Anyway, it always ends up in tears, so as much as Charlie enjoys certain parts of the museum we have decided to wait a while before we visit again.

A mechanics work is never done :)


Jacqui said...

James loves cars too - especially broken down ones. He always seem to manage to work a car breakdown into his game. Hmmm - wonder if I should be worried about that :)

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Poor little youngest is not comfortable with lots of noise, certain smells, feels or tastes so sometimes it can be hard when she gets very upset at things.
Do you guys have an automotive museum there somewhere?We have a motor museum here but its too far from us.If you call the museum they might be able to tell you if they have a day with no school group going there...our swimming center is always willing to tell us if they are going to have a group there.Worth a though if he lobes it so much but hates the crowds.