Thursday, 18 March 2010

Clitheroe Castle

A picture taken from the top of Clitheroe Castle.


lynn said...

Stunning photographs :)

Dawn said...

Wow, lovely pictures.
Are they HDR ones? Stunning either way.

Becks said...

Lovely photos.
Owen and Cain have been wanting us to visit a castle for the past week or two and love your photo's. Does this castle have enough to entertain two little boys for a full day? Or anything round and about as it is a bit of a journey for us if only to spend an hour or two?
Oh and Martin Mere is a great idea, just let me know when.

sue said...

Hi Dawn, yes the photo's are HDR ones as Warren is experimenting at the moment.
Thank you for the compliment x

sue said...

Hi Becks,
The castle is so small that unfortunately it would'nt fill a full day for you, and even with a visit to the museum and park, I'd say it's only half a day trip. I supose in better weather you could go for a walk round the Clitheroe area wich is very nice.
Love to meet up soon xx

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